Sheets of tackle twill, also called poly pro twill, can be easily cut into numbers or letters.  Ready to cut 12" x 24" (1 ft x 2 ft) sheets of twill.  Has heat seal backing just like the iron on or sew/stitch on numbers/letters that are sold.  You can use scissors to cut your favorite design, or to cut your own numbers & letters.  All colors are available.s with a pair of scissors.  Each piece of twill has psa or hpo adhesive on the back so whatever design or logo you cut out of it, can be ironed on, then sewn or stitched down.  Your best buy when doing bulk orders on your own.    Each number or letter can be used as an iron on application, or a sew on/stitch on application.   Ironing on each character, will have a temporary hold, however sewing or stitching on will be permanant.
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Sheets of Twill

Ready to cut 12" x 24" sheet of...

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